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Concurso para projectos de prevenção e luta contra a violência

Council of Europe Award “Young Active Citizens” 2004

“Participation of young people in the prevention and
fight against violence in everyday life”

For the third year running, the Council of Europe organises the “Young active citizens” Award, promoting active participation of young people in society.

Any concrete and sustainable measure, action or project in support for young people’s active participation on local and/or regional level in the prevention and fight against violence in every day life is welcome to apply!

The Award aims at promoting and supporting the development of the project and at the promotion of the Council of Europe’s Youth Sector’s philosophy of co-management. The Revised Charter on participation of young people in local and reg! ional life as adopted by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe is a source of inspiration.

Who can apply?

young people, their NGO’s or representative organisations, networks or other structures.

local and/or regional authorities.

in all the States parties to the European Cultural Convention.

What kind of projects?

projects have been implemented in 2003 and finish 15th of May 2004 at the latest.

projects can address any kind of violence in every day life: domestic violence, gang violence, violence in and around school, gender based violence, violence motivated by racism and e! xtremism…

projects show cooperation between young people, their organisations and local or regional authorities.

projects can address the problem in different ways: campaigning, prevention, training, …

How to apply?

Deadline is 15th of May 2004

Look for the application and guidelines at or send an e-mail

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